Bend it like Beckham: Soccer Boots in Perth

To bend like Beckham, to make that magic pass like Messi or dribble the ball down the pitch like Maradona, it does help being a genius in the world of football, but without the correct soccer boots this would never happen. But where are these special soccer boots? A first port of call may well be soccer boots Perth has for you, if you are in this area and are looking for good finds.

A pair of soccer boots must obviously be light, a perfect fit, comfortable and durable. Soccer is pretty much a game of controlling the ball by having good strength of legs and feet, and using these soccer boots. Sometimes the ball has to be kept close when dribbling. Total control is essential, especially if someone else is trying to reach that ball. There may be the need for a side pass. In any soccer game, passing is very important. A very quick and instinctive pass may have to be made. In front of goal there is that magic moment. A sudden and decisive forward shot will clinch the goal. The boot must be flexible and allow for a lot of movement. It also has to have the power and strength to kick the soccer ball halfway up the pitch if necessary. In soccer there is no timeout. For a solid 45 minutes it will be running and moving around the pitch before there is a break. Then back on the pitch for another 45 minutes, and maybe extra time.

Then there are the pitches and the weather. A good pair of soccer boots will have to be able to function on a very wet slippery pitch with a steady downpour of rain. Also quite probably the field will be rock hard and the sun will be showing no mercy. The game may be played on a perfect grass turf. The turf could be artificial. Equally it might be the soccer field from hell, full of holes, stones and ruts. This might not be a set match but just a kick around on a concrete backyard or in the street? A good pair of soccer boots has to cope with all of this. A formula one driver can put on a set of wet tires, not so a soccer player.

Soccer boot designs have come a very long way from the clumping horrors of 50 years ago. Soccer boots now have strong flexible fabrics and molded studs that can handle a range of different conditions. They are no longer a pair of divers boots.

A good soccer boots Perth company offers all the main recognized and trusted brands like Puma, Adidas, and Asics. You don’t have to play for Chelsea to afford them. It would be good to aspire to be as good a player as Eusebio or Pele, but with these soccer boots, any player on the pitch will look “the business.”

In Australia all sports are taken very seriously. Australian soccer is on the rise. The latest Fifa world rankings reflect this. It is the world’s primary sport.

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Paula Roberts