Jumping castles are a very attractive addition to outdoor parties and events including kids’ birthday parties, festivals, carnivals, and school occasions. Children get excited when bouncing around and playing tricks with their friends. Unfortunately, this inflatable can easily get damaged if not taken care of properly and considering they are a costly investment, it is vital that you know how to care and maintain for them. Luckily, the experts at Jumpland – jumping castles Sydney best dealers have come up with great tips on how to ensure your castle is in the best shape for the longest time.

Here are the care and maintenance guidelines you should follow:

1. Things to keep in mind when setting up jumping castles

Whenever an occasion arises that favors the use of this inflatable, you have to ensure that first you have enough open space to set it up. Also, you should properly anchor the castle on the ground by ensuring that the supporting ropes are fastened tightly, and the pegs are sunk deep into the ground. By doing this, you will ensure the castle does not move about from its original position due to the vigorous motions or excessive wind.

You should as well monitor the amount of power from the blowing machine. When you pump under too much pressure, the jumping castle will harden to dangerous levels. On the other hand, when there is too little pressure, the castle may collapse and sink all its weight on the kids. Note that, most jumping castles Sydney dealers will calibrate the air pump machine according to the required level therefore you don’t need to adjust.

2. When using the jumping castles

While the jumping castle is in use, place the blowing machine at least 1.2 meters away from the inflatable since too much heat produced by the blower can soften its material thus making it vulnerable to damage.

Also, ensure that there are not too many kids inside at the same time. This is because the excess heavy load may damage the inflatable, or the children are likely to injure one another as they jump up and down the castle. Therefore, always keep the numbers in check. Each castle comes with a guide that highlights the recommended number of people at every one time.

Aside from the kids using the inflatable, you should also monitor surrounding crowd in that you ensure nobody throws anything inside the castle. Moreover, anybody smoking, lighting a camp fire or grilling should be nowhere near the playing area since you do not want any burning holes through the jumping castles.

3. Storage Tips

When it comes to storing jumping castles, you should always deflate them and ensure all air is out.  Fold the deflated castle appropriately and store it in a cool and dry place to avoid expansion from heat.

All in all, having a high quality bouncing castle will cut down your repairs and maintenance costs as well as allow you to provide the best playing experience whether it is in your  event or hire service. Always buy from a reputable jumping castles Sydney dealer such as Jumpland for the best quality inflatable.

Post Author: Paula Roberts

Paula Roberts